000webhost.com Review

Review of Web hosting Service 000webhost.com

www.000webhost.com Overview

000webhost.com is one of the web hosting companies that offer free web hosting. However, even though they offer free web hosting their www.000webhost.com review states that they can be considered 10x better than 24 x 7 web hosting companies that charge you money to use their web hosting services. Currently, they are claiming that www.000webhost.com feedback states that they are the only free web hosting company available right now that has proof that they provide their customers with reliable web hosting that is up 99.9% of the time.

000 Web Host Main Features

  • 1500 MB of disk space: This means that you are getting a good amount of web hosting space if you have a small business or a business that is just starting out for free.
  • 100 GB Bandwidth: This is great for those starting their first website because it allows them to take advantage of quite a lot of Bandwidth without having to pay a dime if their business does not work out for some reason.
  • Unlimited domains: Some of the paid web hosting companies does not even offer this so this is a great steal.

www.000webhost.com PROS

  • You can use their web hosting services for 0.00 which makes them the perfect hosting company for those who are experimenting with businesses. This is because if you change your mind after a couple of months it is cool due to the fact that 000 Web Host did not require you to spend any money.
  • They have an affiliate program which allows you to make money without even having to spend any money on your web hosting. This is definitely something that a lot of web hosting companies are not offering to even their best customers who refer them to others all of the time.

000 Web Host CONS

  • They do not have a lot of 000webhost.com reviews and 000webhost.com feedback. However, since they are free this is generally not going to be an issue because one does not have to worry about them being a www.000webhost.com fraud or a 000 Web Hosting dot com scam.
  • www.000webhost.com does not happen to mention how long they have been in the online hosting business.