Review of web hosting service Overview

Web hosting is considered to be a fairly new business concept that has grown in popularity since the internet burst into worlds and our lives across the globe. A review of reveals that it was one of the first web hosting services to really capitalize on the massive potential market that developed in the early 2000’s, and has always maintained a position on the cutting edge of web hosting. What makes one of the best web hosting services out there is that it is geared towards every level of need – whether you are a private individual with fairly modest domain requirements, or a large firm looking for access and domination across the board, has a package available that will suit you. In order to facilitate easy transactions they accept all forms of payment, and the links to social media sites means that is known across the web. The website itself is informative, well laid out, and visually appealing. A review of shows that it is clearly a dominant force in the world of web hosting, with links to every conceivable type of hosting, killer visuals, and solid service. Main Features

The website features a number of impressive features. Obviously the video introduction is very useful if you don’t understand how web hosting works. The tabs and links will show you everything you need to do, and the package details are very impressive. It also features an extensive list of the top web hosting packages and companies, all of which are back linked and related to the services that Arxive offers.  You can literally find the kind of hosting that you need in a few clicks – from social media and blogs to integrated full service options.  It is a very impressive set of features. Pros

A review of Arxive reveals a number of positive aspects. As mentioned above, the visual elements of are particularly appealing, with a great balance of informative copy and visuals, and easy navigation – you need not be an expert to figure it out, which is refreshing. This is mirrored by the services on offer –free domain for life, affordable packages, and every kind of hosting can be found here. Live chat is also a major pro! Cons

If one is being extremely critical, there could be a case made for more visuals, but that is rather harsh.