Review of webhosting service

Blue host Overview

Virtually there is no internet user in the world who has not heard of Bluehost, a premium webhosting service provider. When it comes to web hosting, the name of is forever. This online hosting company came in to existence in 1996 with an intention to provide best website hosting at fewer prices possible. In order to gain the customer confidence they are upgrading and providing cheap web hosting services without additional costs. From Bluehost you can expect high level of service with customer friendly nature. Today is a home for more than 1,000,000 websites.

Bluehost Main Features

One can expect thousands of reliable web hosting features from the Bluehost. Here you can find variety of features that suits both an individual and a business person. Best webhosting packages are offered by keeping customer requirements in mind.

  • 24/7 online support
  • Fast and high secured servers
  • One click installation scripts
  • True and efficient resource management
  • Accessing via SSH secure shell
  • Support several scripting languages


  • Offers unlimited webhosting, unlimited email support and user friendly control panel
  • Automatic website submission to some of the top search engines on every web hosting
  • Hosting with 24×7 service
  • Website hosting cost less price when compares to other web hosting companies
  • More than 95 percent of people given excellent Bluehost feedback
  • They are best web hosting service company with perfection in all aspects from hosting to customer support
  • Offers unlimited disk space or storage space with just at 6.95 dollars per month


  • Some people compliant of unstable customer support particularly at night times
  • Some claim that downtime is not fixed even after 15 minutes
  • Numerous web developers and webmasters claim that Bluehost does not provide 99.9 percent uptime always
  • Increases response time of server because of high traffic.