greenrope review Overview is service that has offered web services for the last 15 years. It is build around offering exceptional value to the customers after evolving from one of first providers of  email marketing service to become  a complete CRM, the only in the market.   In order to provide quality service, it has spent the last 10 years talking to clients asking them what it should do in order to meet their needs.

GreenRope are a team of strategists, marketers, developers, technology gurus and other helpful buddies. Above all, these people work as a single unit, a team and a family.  They work together to create, listen and partner with other inspiring businesses round the world. Its aim is to work together with clients to build and grow their businesses. serves global clients in more than 42 countries. It combines operations, sales and marketing into a single platform inspiring collaboration with your employees, clients and vendors. It lives this collaborative culture listening to view that you and other customers provide to build something that helps you in running your business more efficiently.


By choosing you benefit in the following ways:

  • Complete CRM: You can manage your pipeline from the top to bottom
  • Unlimited users: Your full team gets access to information necessary to get job done
  • Easy market automation: Nurture leads and streamlines your effort with automation
  • Better customer experience: Make customers center of the business
  • Full event management: Promote and manage events that are completely integrated with CRM.
  • Predictive analytics: Always know the hot prospects are to close more deals.
  • Customer-centric approach: To GreenRope, web hosting is not just a description. It has made providing what it calls crème de la crème service to be part of its mission and culture. It will do the best to help, support and encourage you. realizes that tackling full business marketing software deems challenging, daunting and that business does not sleep. This is why it offers 24/7 unlimited support for all the clients. Its support department is reached on various platforms including phone, live chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Google +.

Benefits of Licensing

  • Rapid return on investment with low upfront cost with
  • Increased brand awareness in the target market
  • Residual income without hassles
  • Powerful lead generation tool to help reach customers of your customers
  • Target advertising opportunities Downside

Green Rope will periodically schedule system downtime to allow maintenance and any other purposes. It also states that unplanned outage can also occur and it will not take any liability   for any resulting loss of transactions and data.

To have more options when making a decision we advise you to read our Review and a review of as well.