Review of Webhosting Service Secure.Web-Hosting-Service.Org Overview

Web Hosting Service is one of the online hosting companies that has been in business since 2007. Currently, this online hosting company is still trying to make a name for themselves despite the fact that they are categorized as being one of the cheap web hosting companies that has 24 x 7 hosting available and also the fact that they also happen to buy other web hosting companies.

The company was started by 3 people back in December 07 and it is obvious that growth has been made within the web hosting company but more feedback would really set them over the top when it comes to comparing with their competition.

Web-Hosting-Service Main Features

The main features of Web Hosting Service are not able to be disclosed at this time due to the fact that you have to be logged in to access that information. This could be one of the reasons as to why they have not grown to be as popular as they like. However, based on reviews of it seems as though Web Hosting Service has other services that come along with their web hosting services such as free domain names which definitely seems as though that would be one of the main features that this online hosting company has to offer.

Web Hosting Service PROS

  • Customers have to have an account to access portions of the page which makes it so they can narrow down who is serious about using their 24 x7 hosting service.
  • They have a little bit of feedback which is able to alert customers of at least some of the things that they can expect if they do decide to take a chance with this hosting company
  • Web Hosting Service is active on quite a few social networking websites which allows customers to stay up to date as to what is happening within the hosting company as well as the option to interact with some of their other customers. CONS

  • They do not have their rates listed on their website and review does not hint as to what price range can be expected. This can be a huge turn off for potential customers because it can make them believe that this web hosting service is not consistent when it comes to their rates.
  • Web Hosting Service dot org does not have any feedback available outside of the testimonials that are listed on their personal website. This can make some people feel a bit iffy about using their service hosting.