Xbroshost.com Review

xbroshost review

 About Xbroshost.com

Xbroshost.com was founded in 2009 to offer stable long term web hosting. It has managed to grow drastically from one man operation during initial days. It now operates with more than 6 active representatives serving everyday requirements of the customers. Xbroshost makes website management to be easy and affordable to manage since it has a team that cares about success.

Xbroshost.com will provide you a custom website, characterized domain and vps depending on your requirements. It operates with mandate to provide various features of reliable, secure and quality domains at affordable cost that includes free DNS management and email forwarding services.

Xbroshost.com believes in providing cost effective webhosting deals with great features. It also maintains highest level of service and integrity to all clients and the new entrepreneurs.

The packages provided to Xbros onshore (USA) servers give fully loaded features like wordpress, Cpanel, Rvsite buider, Joomla and many more. It has profitable successful and creative hosting plans.  It values the customers by providing service levels that exceed expectations. Xbroshost.com works to very best of the ability to produce solutions and never settles for anything less than the finest effort in every project that it undertakes. It provides the clients with hosting services and products that creates business opportunities, increases competitive edge and enables substantial cost saving. You can make your website to be reliable, comfortable and profitable with xbros.

Xbroshost.com Services

  • Linux web hosting
  • Reseller Linux web hosting
  • Windows web hosting
  • Reseller windows web hosting
  • Domain web hosting as domains play a role of identity over the web and increases businesses by 10%.
  • Xbroshost.com packages

Xbros has various packages that it designs carefully to suit needs of all businesses from brochure websites to e-commerce solutions. Xbrohost choice of hosting plans will help you to find best plan for your needs. You have a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, 24/7 technical assistance and full access with cPanel.

There is a choice of 3 web hosting plans namely beginner, ultimate X and business plan.  Monthly prices are $3.95 and $8.00 while annual prices range between $30 and $80.

Downside of Xbroshost.com

The FAQ page at XbrosHost website is not available.  Xbroshost.com also issues a disclaimer that it is not liable for any system downtime, data loss and crashes. It states that it cannot be held liable for predicated estimate of profits that clients would have gained if their sites were functioning. In fact, some services that Xbroshost.com provides are resold. Certain software, routing, equipment and programming are not under its direct control.

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